An interesting and amusing personal take on the passion for auriculas from Jane Scorer (alias Jane Hoehoegrow)  .  Nothing too technical but some good ideas and an overview of their appeal and cultivation.
A musical project based around the auricula and the story of how it came to England in the 16th Century. A fascinating and inspired creation. I just wish I'd been able to attend a performance! There is also a great linked Facebook page here.
Another post from Jane Scorer (alias Jane Hoehoegrow)  . This time she focuses on her auriculas in bloom. A great page to visit if you need reminding of how special and varied the auriculas really are. Loads of great photos as well. 
An article from the Daily Telegraph with Sarah Raven writing about auriculas. Quite superficial but a good overview. Only one photo though!
Currently unavailable, but a fantastic resource for double auricula information.
A small website with photographs of auricula introductions raised by Richard Austin. This includes the highly successful and widely grown "Forest" series.