Welcome to the wonderful world of the Auricula!

A plant with a fascinating history, a vibrant community and an exciting future. Auriculas have something to offer to anyone with an interest in growing plants. There may be over 2,000 varieties of auricula in existence so you can be sure there will always be one more for your collection. Contrary to received wisdom, auriculas are accommodating plants with simple needs, just keep them well drained and out of direct sunshine and the auricula will always come good.

A Gold Centred Alpine - Gollum

One of the Lord of the Rings series bred by John Radford. It flowers late, is very reliable and has been a show winner. Other members of the series include, Arwen, Bilbo Baggins, Legolas, Rivendell and The Lady Galadriel

A Fancy - Fairy Light

A stunningly coloured fancy with pips shading from mustard to plum at the peripherary. It has neat shaped pips but can tend to cup rather than laying flat.

A Double - Nymph

Bred by Ken Whorton in 1995, Nymph has creamy-beige-pink flowers and is a reliable plant with a light perfume. A nice subtle double that lifts the mood from some of it's more sober compatriots.